Cell Line Prize

Rare cancers lack the research building blocks necessary to find cures; cell lines are the foundation of this research infrastructure. RCRF works through existing foundations that represent rare cancer populations to present a cell-line prize to motivate researchers to develop and share the cell lines that can accelerate cancer research.


A Proven Blueprint

The cell-line prize builds on the success of the Chordoma Foundation. Because they offered a financial prize to research innovators to produce cell lines for this rare bone cancer of the skull and spine, they achieved the first chordoma cell line.


It’s a Win-Win.

The foundation only pays if a validated cell line is developed, and the researcher gets a financial incentive for his or her work. The global availability of the prize encourages greater collaboration than could be achieved through a grant to a specific laboratory or institution and the success payout eliminates the risk of funding research that fails to produce.


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

A cell-line prize announcement also becomes a marketing carrot to reach researchers and supporters around the world, attracting new donors, patients, doctors, and researchers to support the cancer research effort.


Cell Line Prize Mechanics